Monday, April 4, 2016

Best business practices for working from home

Best business practices for working from home
I’ve read all kinds of statistics and known so many people who loved the idea of working from home, but couldn’t make working from home, work (no pun intended).
I get it. All the things that make working from home sound so great, are also the things that make it so tough.

_No boss looking over your shoulder
_Working at your own schedule
_Spending more time with your family
_No chatty co-workers consuming or wasting your time
_No commute to work (wasted time)

_No structure, easy to get lazy
_Really easy to do laundry or do a Netflix day. That press release can wait until tomorrow
_Lonely, no one to talk to, bounce ideas off of
_Easy to become disconnected, recluse

So with all that, how does it work? How can it work?
_1 Put structure to your business. Business practices. Everyone has a boss, even if you’re your own boss. Accountability. Accountability to yourself first and then to your clients.
_2 Have a routine. Ie. Mine. Get up. Make coffee. Drink coffee. Work, work, work. If you want to throw in a chore set a time limit for it ie. 30min clean house and do laundry. Set a timer. Once the timer rings. It’s back to work.
_3 Include your family as much as possible. This is tough when you have little kids, but involving them in your business in even some small way helps them understand the importance of what you do and the time it takes to do it.
_4 Make friends, find other “like minded” people in your profession or a related one talk through ideas, find ways of collaborating, brainstorm. You know the idea, two heads are better than one, three heads are better than two and so on and so on.

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