Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Being Exceptional 101

Why is it that we all, especially when we’re young, get stuck wanting to fit-in, blend; be part of the crowd, instead of doing the obvious and being exceptional?
Being exceptional may take some creativity and it definitely means having to be bold. Yet isn’t the act of being exceptional and the way it inspires others worth it?
I find the older I get, my noticing exceptional, or my being inspired is not an easy feat. Therefore, when I do notice exceptional, it tends to really get my attention.
Recently I was visiting my daughter for her birthday and we went to a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant. I’d actually been told about the restaurant prior to her moving to the area, along with a few other spots that we’d already frequented. The other spots were good, a couple of them, the word “groovy” would even apply. Upon pulling into this place I thought it too would be good, and likely a little groovy. When we walked in however, what I discovered was much much more.
Literally, upon stepping onto their front patio you were immediately transported to another place and time. You were in a foreign land that was colorful, ancient, and wise. Everywhere you looked, every nuance was on-point. Upon being seated in an outdoor back area, guests were placed in their own private little shacked area. The food came and it was perfect and there was tons of it. I had to visit the restroom during dinner. I found that it too heavily and fully held that same ancient charm the rest of the restaurant did. I left inspired and in awe. I’d experienced exceptional. It had crept up on me, taken hold, and it was wonderful.
What does it mean to be exceptional?  According to Merriam Webster: unusually good : much better than average.

I would say that I have to agree with Merriam Webster, but I’d go a little bigger. Exceptional is noteworthy and bold. Exceptional is breathtaking, memorable, makes an impact and inspires. Thank you to all who have the guts to go the exceptional route. I aspire daily to catch-up with you; and when I see and experience you, I go a little faster.

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