Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why a blog

I remember when blogging became “the thing” a few years ago. I honestly couldn’t get my head around it. Why would people just start writing about cooking or decorating or really anything they were passionate or knowledgeable about, but more importantly, why would anyone read it? Hmm. Conundrum. 
Blogging seemed very personal, and though it might make sense on a personal level to share ideas, experiences and so forth, it was again personal. So IF blogging made sense, it made sense as a personal tool--- a way of sharing. 
You see, though I don’t consider myself to be old school, blogging and my not being able to get my head around it for such a long time, showed me that in fact in some ways I am. 
When I began my career some 20+ years ago, I was taught that “personal” and “professional” didn’t cross paths, at all, ever. They were singular unto themselves. As a young, idealistic person, this was very hard for me to adopt. I thought I had so much to contribute, so many great ideas, yet I got beat up over this way of thinking enough times to realize, I was wrong and everybody else was right. So sharing ideas, experiences, knowledge = a no-no. Do the work and give input when asked. The end.
Well, what I’ve realized since, is that the model of segregating personal and professional is GONE. Gone, gone, gone, who knows if ever to return. It has instead been replaced with a world eager to share, eager to explore other people’s experiences, knowledge, and ideas. It’s refreshing. There are a couple of blogs I read every day that have taught me just that. (Thank you Seth Godin.)
During this awakening of the way our world turns today, I realized I too might have something to offer. Therefore, I am officially inviting you to our first blog. I say “our” because though I am the proprietor and president of CCS aka Creative Communication Services, and will be doing a lot of the writing, this blog will be heavily influenced by others on our team, and sometimes written by them. We have some incredibly bright, and young team members and I’m going to ask that they share their thoughts, experiences and perspectives on this platform as well. 
I hope you’re excited. I hope you’ll continue reading. More importantly I hope in some way, as we get this blogging party started, you’ll get something meaningful and insightful from it and that you’ll give a shout out every once in a while.     

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